Chocolate chips 30% less sugar biscuit

Chocolate chips30% less sugar



5 different wholegrains

Made with 5 different wholegrains
- wheat, oats, barley, spelt and buckwheat or rye.

Cereals #1 ingredient

A great source for fibre and minerals such as; calcium, magnesium and iron

Keeps you going*

Added minerals such as; calcium, magnesium* and/or iron to keep you going.
*Calcium, Magnesium and Iron contribute to a normal energy-yielding metabolism

Everything else
you need to know


Chocolate chips30% less sugar

With 5 crunchy wholegrains, belVita makes a delicious addition to a balanced breakfast, and a great way to start your day positively.

pack of Chocolate chips 30% less sugar

Allergy information

Does contain MILK, WHEAT, GLUTEN from sources other than wheat, SOYA LECITHIN. May contain EGG, NUTS, SESAME. Always refer to what's on pack, recipes can change!

5 whole grains & source of fibre
5 whole grains & source of fibre
Cereals #1 ingredientCereals #1 ingredient

Quick summary

49calories per biscuit
4xBiscuits in a serving
45gper serving
5xservings per box
225gbox size

Per biscuit

  • 49 Calories per biscuit
  • Natural source of fibre

Per serving / packet

  • 4 biscuits per serving packet
  • 45 g per serving

Per box

  • 5 servings per box
  • Pack size 225g

Storage & Recycling

Store in a cool place, protect from heat.