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Story of positivity

Breakfast is a really important meal, and it’s essential to get it right. From the start, we wanted to create more positive, nutritional alternatives.

So, we started with a small range of breakfast biscuits all packed with the goodness of wholegrains and fibre to help people get off to a great start, and have since expanded our range to include snacking options for throughout the day. All our biscuits will help you positively bounce through each day.




Developing tasty products with developing tasty and nutritious products has always been our aim. We only bake with carefully selected ingredients, combining wholegrains with extra deliciousness of nuts, fruits and chocolate. Now with over 18 different biscuits or bakes to choose from, there’s something for everyone to please their tastebuds.

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Not only have we always wanted to create a product that is good for you, we’ve always wanted to make sure it has a positive impact. It’s why we’ve invested our time and money into creating our Harmony program, which champions more sustainable wheat in Europe and aims at improving soil health, reducing carbon emissions, protecting biodiversity and supporting local farmers.

Our wheat harmony program


We’ve always wanted to make a positive difference to people’s lives, their eating habits and the world we live in. So naturally we became a brand that promotes positivity, and actively goes out to spread it. Because we find a little bit of positivity goes a long way.

The story ofHARMONY

Well over a decade ago, we wanted to make a positive difference to the world through the wheat we grow for our biscuits. So, we created ‘Harmony Wheat'. It lets us grow better wheat for our biscuits and lead the way with sustainable farming practices.

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Let’s get familiar with four practical behaviours that will help you to take a moment to pause with belVita and enjoy this morning moment mindfully! Learn more

  1. Know what you want Think about why you need to eat: are you hungry? do you need energy? a break in the middle of the morning or is the situation prompting you to snack, such as being in a social gathering with food? Think about what you want: do you fancy something crunchy, soft, plain, fruity or chocolatey? belVita range offers you a diversity of taste and texture, along with balanced nutrition, that enable you to feel positive about your mindful morning choice.
  2. Be present in the moment Make your belVita moment your me time and slow down. Silence your screens, try to set a relaxed and comfortable environment, for a peaceful eating moment without distractions. Take the time to pay attention, enjoy belVita paired with a coffee or a tea, so you can start your day off on the right note.
  3. Enjoy & appreciate with all your senses Smell and taste each bite fully, chew slowly, give each bite your full attention and observe your sensations, notice the taste and texture, finish your bite before you take the next… belVita biscuits are carefully baked to unlock a multisensorial eating experience, whether light & crunchy, or soft & tender, with delicious aroma and tasty flavours.
  4. Reflect on your whole eating experience Take time once you finished to think about how you feel. Did your belVita choice meet your needs? Was the portion satisfying? Have you noticed a change in your mood?

Mindful Snacking | Enjoy the Moment


belVita are made with carefully selected ingredients baked into delicious and nutritious biscuits, soft bakes and bars. They contain 5 wholegrains, are source of fibre and magnesium and do not contain colours or preservatives. They are portion-packed for convenience & freshness and offer a diversity of taste and texture for delicious mornings.

People looking for our lowest sugar options can choose among belVita Soft Strawberry filled, Soft Apricot filled, Soft Baked plain, Fruit Crunch Apple and Pear and belVita Breakfast Reduced Sugar Chocolate Chips, which all contain less than 20g sugars per 100g, i.e. 7 to 10g per portion.

Eating a balanced diet is an important part of maintaining good health and can help you feel your best. This means eating a wide variety of foods in the right proportions and consuming the right amount of food and drink.
With its nutrition profile & great taste, belVita can be part of a balanced diet, however we don’t recommend eating multiple portions per day, to leave room for other food and drink.

belVita biscuits and Soft Bakes are originally designed and portioned for breakfast consumption and bring 180 to 230 kcal per portion (45 or 50g). For a balanced breakfast we recommend to pair it with a fruit, dairy product and beverage (both non-sweetened)

belVita baked bars have been designed and portioned to be a nutritious morning snack. One bar brings 150-170 kcal, depending on variant.

Developing tasty products with great nutrition has always been our aim. We only bake with carefully selected ingredients, combining wholegrains with extra deliciousness of nuts, fruits and chocolate. Now with over 18 different biscuits or bakes to choose from, there’s something for everyone to please their tastebuds.

belVita dry biscuits have been specially designed and portioned for breakfast and that’s how we recommend people to eat them. Nevertheless, we know that some of our consumers love to share it with friends or colleagues and eat it as a snack during the day. In that case, the portion size needs to be adapted to match with the eating occasion. We have also developed belVita bakes Bars, which portion size is more adapted to be consumed as snacks.

For people suffering from diabetes as well as for people who don’t have diabetes, a balanced diet in combination with exercising are crucial for one’s health. belVita biscuits can be part of a balanced diet for diabetics considering its nutrition profile.
In any case, we invite individuals with special dietary needs to carefully read the ingredient line and Nutrition Facts panel to make an informed decision and check with their health care provider for personalized advice. This food category should be eaten with moderation.

All the belVita range is suitable for vegetarians. Some are also suitable for vegans, as approved by The Vegan Society (UK). These include:
Belvita soft bakes Apricot
Belvita Soft bakes Bluberries
Belvita soft bakes Strawberries
Belvita soft bakes Golden grains
Belvita soft bakes Red berries

Practicing mindful snacking will give you a more positive relationship with food, space to reset and a feeling of fullness and contentment. We like to think of it as an all-round win – not bad for just a couple of minutes of pausing. Learn more at https://www.snackmindful.com/

- Know what you want

- Be present in the moment

- Enjoy and appreciate with all your senses

- Reflect on your whole eating experience

All of our tasty belVita products contain WHEAT, OAT, BARLEY and SOYA with some containing or may containing RYE, MILK, EGG, NUTS and HAZELNUTS. However, please see the specific product pages and/or packs for specific allergen information